Enforcement of SB16-197 – 7/1/2016 Involving Retail Liquor Licenses

Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division

Senate Bill 16-197 was a comprehensive bill that changed the landscape of the liquor industry in many ways.  It incorporated a great deal of stakeholder input and ultimately the bill included many different viewpoints.  This bill was challenging and complex so there have been a few components to the bill that have recently raised some concerns with stakeholders. 

Valid Temporary Drivers Licenses

Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division

Recently, the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles changed the look on new driver's licenses issued in Colorado to incorporate new security features and there have been several media campaigns aimed at providing information to the public about the new licenses.

Improper Sales of Fermented Malt Beverages

Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division

The Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement Division (Division) has received several complaints of Retail Liquor Stores (RLS) selling Fermented Malt Beverages as described in the Colorado Beer Code.

Damaged Product Returns Bulletin

Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division

The Liquor Enforcement Division (Division) is continuing its efforts to address trade practice issues with the industry and will be holding monthly meetings in 2016 to determine what enforceable  trade practices (if  any) can be modified to create a more level playing field and allow more improved commerce in Colorado.