In 2020, Colorado’s beer distributors provided over 1,200 jobs, contributed $86 million in wages and $264 million in total economic impact. 

For a detailed breakdown of the economic impact for the entire beer industry, including the $1.4 billion of business and personal taxes, check out this report from the Beer Institute.

Direct Jobs Created

Million in Employment Wages Generated

Million in Overall Economic Impact



Set Pricing Structure

Distributors provide retail locations in Colorado a non-discriminatory structure for pricing. What this means is that all retailers are sold the same beer at the same set price. Regardless of size, units they sell and the retailers location. By doing this it levels the playing field allowing smaller shops to compete with larger mega stores.


Revenue Collection

Beer distributors are vital in revenue collection for the state. Beer distributors within the state of Colorado are involved in tracking beer shipments throughout the state. This allows for all beer products to be appropriately tracked and taxed according to Colorado State Law. This oversight in turn provides the state of Colorado an accurate and accountable system for collecting revenue.