Fees for Art Gallery and Bed & Breakfast Permits

LED Bulletin 17-04

The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) recently conducted a review of all liquor fees and permits issued by both local and state licensing authorities. During the review, an error was discovered in the state application/license and local license fees for an art gallery permit and bed and breakfast permit.

Special Event Permits Issued on a Liquor Licensed Premises

LED Bulletin 17-03

Special event permits are a very useful tool for non-profits to assist with raising funds for their entity. In the last 2 years, the Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) has provided training to liquor licensees and non-profit entities on the proper use and function of a special event permit. The LED issued Bulletin 16-08 concerning the use of donated alcohol for use at a special event permit and other non-profit events held on a liquor licensed premises.  Most special event permits (“SEP”) are issued to a premises that does not have a liquor license, but section 12-48-103(2)(a), C.R.S. allows for an SEP to be issued on the following liquor licensed premises: limited winery, club, arts, art gallery and a wine festival permit. This bulletin is being published to provide guidance for the use of a SEP issued on one of these premises.

Importer & Wholesaler Relationships (For Vinous & Spirituous Liquor)

LED Bulletin 17-02

The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) has recently received questions concerning the Colorado licensed importer of vinous/spirituous liquor (“importer”) and how this license interacts with a Colorado licensed vinous and spirituous wholesaler (“wholesaler”) and an out of state supplier of vinous and spirituous liquor (“supplier”). Therefore, the LED is issuing this bulletin to provide guidance to Colorado vinous/spirituous importers and wholesalers, specifically concerning invoicing/payments and maintaining stock. This bulletin does not address the relationship between importers, wholesalers and suppliers of malt liquor or fermented malt beverage where the laws and rules are different.

Additional RLS Business Practices

LED Bulletin 17-01

The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division was asked to provide guidance concerning allowed business practices for a licensee who obtains additional retail liquor store licenses pursuant to provisions of SB16-197 codified at § 12-47-407(4)(b), C.R.S.


Coloardo Liquor Enforcement Division

The Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) is issuing Bulletin 16-08, which concerns the use of alcohol for special event permits and non-profit entities.   A similar Bulletin (15-02) was issued in 2015 but due to rule changes effective on January 1, 2017, the LED is removing Bulletin 15-02 and issuing Bulletin 16-08.